30 years

Career At Somtaş


Our general attitude is to provide our colleagues efficiency-enhancing opportunities to help ensure success in their tasks whilst they are shaping their future expectations.

With its people-oriented management approach, our company gives direction to its employees career plans by providing education both inside and outside the organization taking into account their self-development levels, personality and determination to come to a senior level. Human resources offers first priority to in-house resources in meeting its requirements.

With our unbiased and equal opportunities approach to career management, our main objective is in keeping personal performance and motiviation at its highest level whilst achieiving the long-term goals of the company.

The employee profile of our human resources is high; It consists of employees who are open to change and development, devoted to their work, believe in teamwork, team spirit and ethical values, are customer-oriented and have a high sense of social responsibility.

Kader Şayir

Human Resources Responsible


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somtas +90 530 541 93 05 somtas info@somtas.com
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