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Somtaş, in accordance with national and international standards, customer demands and to fulfill the needs of the lamination, hot Systems Laminating, Thermal Laminating, pouch paper and Automatic Cellophane is designed machines, using the latest technological facilities, produces and are delivered on time.

Quality Policy

Thermal Laminating, pouch paper and Automatic Cellophane is designed machines, using the latest technological facilities, produces and are delivered on time.

  • Continuously improving the quality of our products,
  • Reducing product costs and performing on time deliveries,
  • Improving customer satisfaction,
  • Contributing to the development of our suppliers in order to help improve their performance,
  • To increase motivation and the level of education of our employees.

OHSAS Policy

By undertaking to comply to OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management systems requirements and in ensuring continual improvement in efficiency, the following system policy has been created to overview that ISG targets be measurable at every function and level::

  • Application of the most appropriate technologies and methods to protect the health and security of our employees,
  • To organize training activities necessary in the implementation of occupational health and safety rules,
  • Compliance with the regulation of Occupational Health and Safety Legislation,
  • Application and continuous improvement of safety rules,
  • Evaluation of all risks, taking protective measures.

Environmental Policy

As an organization with great respect for its environment, we believe that with the participation of all of us it would be possible to leave the next generation a liveable environment with clean natural resources, entrusted us by future generations. Somtaş, acting with the awareness of “Protection of the Natural Environment” is committed to the following;

  • To minimize, dispose and /or re-enable the use of waste stemming from our productions harmful effects on the environment such as (air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, depletion of resources, plants, animals, effects on human health and safety, etc …)
  • To comply, enforce and maintain all laws, regulations and legislation associated with the environment.
  • All our employees are subject to training with the aim of raising awareness and individual responsiblity in environmental issues.
  • Assuring cooperation with other national/local official institutions, industrial organizations and suppliers in the aim to raise environmental standards. A transparent Environmental Policy for all.
  • All of our employees work in collaboration to achieve the objectives of this policy and are responsible for carrying out activities connected with their own operations.

Energy Policy

As Somtaş, we aim to minimize energy and water consumption, waste generation, water and air emissions with efficient energy management in accordance with policy implementation, sustainable development and by actively educating our employees in this direction by the means of using continuous improvement tools for all our products, manufacture and service activities.

  • Compliance with legislative requirements in regards to energy management conditions.
  • Continuous improvement of the energy performance system,
  • To raise awareness of employees on energy efficiency issues and to provide the necessary resources to improve the overall energy awareness of our establishment.
  • Studying developing technologies to improve the quality of energy management,
  • Evaluating alternative energy sources
  • Reviewing our system inorder to provide updates where neccessary.
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